Hash Marks

Each trail is marked with flour, chalk, and / or toilet paper. The hares will lay these marks, and sometimes others of their choosing / creation, to keep the pack from catching them, while still leading them to more beer.


Hash Mark

These are the main thing we’re looking for!  Chalk may be a single dash, and toilet paper will be a short strand or a wad, hopefully unused.  Three in a row marks True Trail, usually.




In some kennels this is called a Check. From this mark, trail can go off in 369 hashing degrees, but never the direction from where you came.  This is ALWAYS true trail!  There may be multiple false trails leading away from an intersection.  The best start from here are three Hash Marks in a row, which signifies True Trail unless marked otherwise as below.


False Trail

Three lines marks a bad trail.  From here, go back to the last Intersection and look in a different direction for trail.  These marks may be left after any number of Hash Marks from an Intersection.


YBF (You’ve Been Fucked)

Exact same as the three lines... Bad trail.


Count Back

This means turn around from this mark, count backwards the number of marks indicated, and treat that mark as if it were an Intersection.  Look for trail from there in any direction except for the TWO directions from where you came across that mark.  The Count Back mark is never included in the count.


True Trail

This tells you that you are absolutely on the right trail, and to go where the arrow points you to look for more Hash Marks.  Other kennels will cross the shaft of the arrows with three lines to show a True Trail and use as a directional hash mark, but we do not do that in Upstate - this is really True Trail.


Boob Check

When male hashers arrive at this mark, they must wait for a female hasher to arrive.  She can go find trail herself, or entice the males to help.  Otherwise, this is treated as an Intersection.


Dick Check

It works like a Boob Check, but with the genders reversed.


Last Man Up

All hashers must stop and wait for the last hasher in the pack to catch up, then all may continue on trail.  Some other kennels call this a Hash Halt or a Mississippi Family Reunion.


Beer Near

In the immediate vicinity-ish will be the hares with some lovely, cold amber beverage for your imbibing pleasure.


Shot Stop

Similar to a Bear Near, but expect to get fuckered up more.


Be Very Fucking Careful

You’re about to cross a busy road, an alligator pit, or Pole Dancer’s grandma’s back yard.


Song Check

This comes in two varieties... as shown, it is treated as an Intersection.  Those arriving at this mark must sing a hashing song (in a group, but you don’t have to wait for everyone) and then find trail.  If there is no circle around the mark, then trail will otherwise continue as if it is a Hash Mark after the song is sung.  (With a circle, this is True Trail, without a circle, it is a Hash Mark and may be used on a false trail)


Naughty Check

Treated as an Intersection (True Trail and may change direction), a hasher coming to this mark must stop and wait for the next hasher, who will spank them on the bottom.  The spankee may proceed, but the spanker must wait for the next spanker to come along.  The last hasher must take care of him / her self in the spanking department, which is likely the norm for that person.



This signifies the end of the trail.  Get ready to circle up once the DFL shows up.


Lesser used marks:


Turkey / Eagle Split

When the pack can choose a tough or easy part of the trail, the Turkey will let them avoid difficult obstacles (steep hills, deep creek crossings, etc), but usually at the expense of extra distance.  The Eagle trail is usually shorter but more difficult.  OR the two trails may be of equal difficulty, but the Eagle trail is much, much longer than the Turkey.  Cavehash emptor.


Fish Hook

When the FRB reaches this mark that hasher must turn around and run to the back of the pack and circle the DFL.  The number indicates how many hashers at the front of the pack must partake in this. (In this instance the first 4 hashers must all circle back and around the DFL, then may continue).