Here are a few of the terms you may hear regarding our group or the trail:


Are You? (R U ?)

A plea for help. A hasher who is not on the trail or is searching for trail and wants to know if anyone else is. The reply should be either CHECKING, ON 1 (if you’ve found 1 Hash Mark), ON 2 (if you’ve found 2 Hash Marks) or ON ON (if you've found three or more hash marks and are on true trail).



A cunning trap to put the hounds off the trail and slow them down, it also enables back runners to catch up.  Trail may go off in any direction other than from whence it came.


Down Down

The act of consuming a vessel of beer in one or less gulps. If you do not get it down the balance should be poured over your cranium - whatever doesn’t go in you goes on you. Newcomers, leavers, celebrators, and anyone else who deserves it can be invited to do a Down Down.


False Trail, a.k.a. YBF

Usually found after an Intersection. A false trail can be of any length, depending on the level of nastiness of the hare. If you find it, go back to the last Intersection and look in another direction. Note: Falsies are seldom or never come across by the back runners, and are employed mainly to keep the FRBs from not getting to the beer too quickly.



Also known as Front Running Bastards, they are those silly people who r*n on a hash, specifically the first one to the beer.



The First Bitch In is the FRB of all the females in attendance.



The person who lays the trail. They are totally responsible for any fuck-ups which occur.  They were the ones responsible for your bad time, and put a lot of planning into disappointing you.


Hash Cash

The Hash Cash is two things: 

  1. The Mismanagement position whose duties include handling the money fort the kennel.
  2. The monies collected from each hasher prior to the start of the hash.  In Upstate, it’s usually the Hare that is responsible (if that word can even be used in association with that wanker) for prying (typically) $6 out of the stingy hashers hands if the Hash Cash (Mismanagement person) isn't available.



The complete group of incompetents who are responsible for the order or disorder of the Hash.


GrandMaster (GM)

The senior member of the loud mouthed bunch of idiots who call themselves Mismanagement.


Hasher, a.k.a. Hound, or Harriet for the females

A person on the hashing trail, one of the pack.



The response that is made when the trail is being looked for from an Intersection, to the question “are you?”.  Also used when trail is lost.



Called during the run when you are on the trail. The call assists the rear runners who may not be able to see the front runners but at least can hear them.


On In

The end of the trail. This may or may not be at or even near the starting point of trail.


Religious Advisor (RA)

Not Rheumatoid Arthiritis.  Rather, it’s the person who calls the circle to order and metes out punishments / rewards in the form of Down Downs as appeals to his/her sense of humor/cruelty.



Short-cutters are the bastards that think they know so much as to avoid the well planned obstacles of the Hares and get straight to the beer. Being a successful Short-cutter requires great skill and cunning. A Short-cutter has to try to make it appear that they have run the whole trail when in fact they have only done about half of it. Also known as assholes.